I created Poole Bay Pilates over 13 years ago and have been teaching within the fitness industry for 19 years. 

Whether you are deciding to try out pilates for the first time or are joining from elsewhere. Pilates is a top rated method to work core muscles and improve posture, I believe that in a small class with other beginners is the only way to ensure good understanding of the pilates method. If you wish to discuss what we do please send me an email or just give me a call.

I am Body Control® Pilates trained, this means I have completed an 18 month initial training in order to teach from beginner to advanced level. Every year, as part of this on-going membership, I undertake yearly training (CPD) to keep my knowledge up to date and relevant. Additionally, I am a Level 4 teacher (the highest level within fitness and Pilates currently). Although it is possible to train to teach pilates within a couple of weekends, by choosing a Body Control® trained teacher a high level of quality is assured.


My Qualifications

Please find an updated list of my qualifications at the above link



I’ve collated a list of the commonly occurring questions.