• Who is Pilates for? 
Anyone & everyone! (well nearly, health screening is always completed first) Pilates is a wonderful way to start a new fitness regime. We don't get hot and sweaty but we do change our muscle shape and strength. Many people attend pilates because they just enjoy it and have no particular wish to move into fitness, others have a focused aim, such as running a 10K race. Just getting up each day without aching muscles is a really good outcome.

• What experience do you need to attend a class? 
None. A health questionnaire will need to be completed prior to attending a class though for safety reasons. You will need to be mobile enough to get up and down from the mat a few times during the class.

• Can I just turn up on the night? 
No, there are limited spaces so booking in advance is vital.  A course is the only way I work as it makes progress easier and it does take about 6 weeks to 'get' what Pilates is about.

• What should I wear? 
Comfortable clothing, that is not too loose. No shoes and socks are optional.

• What should I bring? 
Just yourself! All equipment needed will be provided! (A small water bottle is a good idea in hot weather) If you prefer to bring your own mat then I am happy for that

• Are the groups mixed and can men do Pilates?

Yes they are and yes they certainly can! Pilates was devised by a man and we could do with some more please. Everyone benefits and I do have men in most groups so don't be shy!

• Can I bring my dog?

This is to see if anyone actually reads to the end of this page. If you have send me an e-mail and when you join you get a discount